Detailed Information About Our Classes

Class Descriptions:

*Please Note* - All ages are for the 2018 - 2019 season. Some students may be younger than the listed age. These children are "previously enrolled students." These students have been "grandfathered" in to these classes. New students must meet posted age guidelines. Age placement may be adjusted by a teacher if ability is greater than age. Open registration ends on September 30, 2018. Contact the studio after that at 540-722-2999.

Acrobatic Dance: (Starts September 12, 2018) This is a style of dance that is defined by it athletic character. Classical dance technique is combined with precision acrobatic elements. Unique choreography is seamlessly blended with both dance and acrobatics. We offer two levels: Beginner, which is for grades 3rd - 6th and Teen, which is for grades 7th - 12th.

Creative Movement:(3.5 - 4 years old). This class is a breakdown of primary motor skills. Movements are fun through exciting activities. Children learn cooperation, patience, gross motor skills, and self-esteem. (The student must be 3.5 years old by September 1st. Younger children will only be placed in the class per the instructor's discretion). MUST BE POTTY TRAINED. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Pre-Ballet: ([4] 5 - 6 years old). This class incorporates Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet skills. It's an introduction of basic ballet steps and vocabulary while continuing primary motor skills to build self-assurance and confidence. (The student must be 5 years old by September 1st.  Students who are 4 by August 1st and who have had one year of Creative Movement with Rhythm Studio may be accepted into this class per the instructor's discretion).

Ballet is the building foundation to all forms of dance. It is highly recommended for each student to take a ballet class while embarking on their studies of dance.

Ballet 1: (6 - 7 years old). Basic Ballet terminology will be explored while developing technique. Performance quality and execution of steps will be focused on.

Ballet 2: (7 - 8 years old). This class is for the intermediate dancer with previous ballet training. Class will explore more complicated routines while still perfecting quality and knowledge of Ballet terminology .

Intro to Pointe: This class is a level class that is attainable only by teacher recommendation.  Please note: NOT ALL STUDENTS IN THIS CLASS WILL REQUIRE POINTE SHOES THIS YEAR.  Several students recommended for this level do fit all criteria to begin pointe.  However, this class is designed to prepare students to begin pointe when ALL criteria have been reached.  If your child is eligible to begin pointe, you will be notified.  If not, please enroll your student for this class as their traditional level class.

Intermediate Ballet: Teacher placement.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet: Teacher placement.

Adult Ballet:  Older teen/Adults

Pointe - this class is designed to give the serious dancer more time on Pointe.  Dancers can expect a very traditional feel from this class. Classes will include barre work, center and across the floor activities, in addition to strengthening activities specifically designed for dancers working on Pointe. This class is to be taken in addition to a level ballet class. There is not a costume fee for this class, as this is not a performing class.

Ballet Technique: (Intro to Pointe and Up). This class is designed for the serious student who wants to professionally progress their ballet technique. This class will focus on "cleaning" technique, gaining performance quality and advancing placement, extensions, and center work. This is not a performing class.

Strength and Flexibility - It's all in the name! Many students have requested a class that allows them to hyper focus on their personal needs/goals as a dancer. This class is designed to fulfill this request. Increasing flexibility, improving balance and building strength will be the three major goals of this class. Students are encouraged, but not required, to bring a yoga mat and thera-band to this class. This is not a performing class, therefore there is no costume fee.

Contemporary Dance: (12 & up).  A popular form of dance which developed during the middle portion of the twentieth century and has since grown to become one of the dominating performance genres for formally trained dancers throughout the world. Although originally formed by and borrowing from classical, modern, and jazz styles, it has since come to incorporate elements from many styles of dance.

Tap: Teaches an awareness of beat, timing, and rhythm. This class combines the technique of tap dancing with exploration to modern styles.

Beginner Tap: (6 - 7 years of age).

Tap 1: 1 year's experience.

Tap 2: 2 - 3 year's experience.

Teen/Advanced Tap:  Teacher placement.

Adult Beginner Tap:  For the older teen/adult with no experience.

Adult Intermediate Tap: For the older teen/adult with previous experience.

Adult Advanced:  Teacher placement.

Jazz: Jazz technique is based on the natural movements of the body and is designed to increase body control and coordination. Routines are set to Modern and Contemporary music.

Beginner Jazz/Jazz 1: (6 - 8 years old). No experience.

Intermediate Jazz: Teacher placement.

Advanced Jazz: Teacher placement.

Lyrical: (10 years old and up). This class is strongly influenced by ballet with an emphasis on expressive dance technique. 1 year of Ballet required. This class is set to today's music and uses elements of Ballet, Modern and Jazz.

Adult/Older Teen Lyrical: No experience.

Hip Hop: Street dance style integrating jazz technique. A more modern style dance that is very commercial as seen on T.V.

Little Shakers: (5 - 6 years old). No experience.

Beginner Hip Hop: (6 - 7 years old). No experience.

Hip Hop 1: (8 - 10 years old). Beginner.

Hip Hop 2: Teacher placement.

Hip Hop 3: Teacher placement.

Intermediate Hip Hop: Teacher placement.

Advanced Hip Hop: Teacher placement.

Adult Hip Hop and Jazz Fusion : For the older teen/adult.  A combination of Jazz and Hip Hop. You will learn both techniques.

Modern: A dance style that rejects many of the strict rules of classical Ballet, focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings and turning against the structured technique, costumes, and shoes. Modern favors a more relaxed free style of dance.

Modern 1: (1st grade - 3rd grade). No experience.

Modern 2: (4th grade - 6th grade). Or teacher invitation.

Modern 3: (7th grade - 9th grade). Or teacher invitation.

Modern 4: (9th grade - 12th grade). Or teacher invitation.

Musical Theatre: (10 years old and up). This class brings the exciting world of Broadway to life. It combines dance, acting, and drama. Learn basic music theater technique as well as dances to Broadway musicals.