Dance Director - Sharon Kite

Sharon Kite was born and raised in Winchester, VA. She began dancing at age five and studied locally until graduating high school in 1994. Sharon attended Shenandoah University and graduated in 2000 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education. While working on her degree, Sharon taught for Vostrikov's Academy of Ballet, as a Tap and Jazz instructor for two years. In 1999, she went to Shenandoah Conservatory Arts Academy and taught there for twelve years.

In 2011, Sharon opened Rhythm Studio, where she is the Dance Director, and co-owns with Brian and Angel Amos.

Teaching courses have included Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Music Theatre, Irish Step dance, and various adult classes. In addition to private school instruction, Sharon has taught many recreational dance classes through the PAVAN program which incorporates the public school system. She also taught at Jefferson Count High School for 2 years as dance teacher where she implemented a new dance team at the school. In 2001, Sharon studied Irish Step at the University of Limerick, Ireland. She has studied with various pioneers of dance throughout her dance career while traveling to New York City during the summer to attend teacher training and seminars. During the summer of 1999, Sharon was level 1 certified Dance Educator of America in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern. In 2011, she was certified in Phusia, which is a new form of group dance fitness. Sharon continues her education at the Dance Teacher Summits in New York City.

Ballet Director - Kerry Silva

Kerry's love of dance started when she was very young. At age five, she was enrolled in her first Ballet class. Her love of the arts continued to grow throughout her childhood into adulthood.

Kerry graduated from Shenandoah University where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education. She also participated in an academic exchange with Ulyanovsk State University in Ulyanovsk, Russia where she earned a certification for her studies. After graduation, she accepted a position with the University. Mrs. Silva taught many genres of dance for Shenandoah University's Arts Academy for ten years. In 2013, Mrs. Silva was offered the position of Ballet Director of Rhythm Studio. After much consideration she accepted and has been thrilled with her choice ever since joining the team!

Kerry's trip to Russia was her first time abroad and it lit an even greater passion for dance and travel. Since this initial trip she has had the opportunity to travel and study throughout the world. She tries to bring an appreciation for the world- its people, culture, art, and history into her classroom.

In 2005 Kerry married her husband Pablo Silva. They have been fortunate to travel the world together on many adventures. However, their greatest adventure is their day to day lives with their two beautiful children Maddex and Milandra.